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Spiritual Resilience

The Lucky One, JenniSue Jessen
Founder and CEO, Compass31

Physical Resilience

Jennifer Hoban
Professional Coach and Elite Athlete

Financial Resilience

Lisa Marie Wade
Financial Literacy Educator

Vocational Resilience
Business Messaging 

"Ninja" Mike Domaratius, Digital Nomad, Internet Marketing Ninja

Kid Super Power Resilience

Reverend Elaine Briefman
Shepherd, Author, Speaker
Founder, Fishing4Truth

Mental Resilience

Lindsay Morgan Snyder
Author of Letting Love In: How God Renews Relationships by Crushing your Inner Critic

Social Resilience

Dustin Hill, Parent Success Coach 
Helping Parents Be 
Happier, Healthier, and Wealthier

Vocational Resilience
Career Progression/Change

Baba Fagbongbe
Speaker, Trainer, and Mentor

Vocational Resilience
Website Creation

Sencery Clemente
Wordpress Website Coach

Spiritual Resilience

Wanda Surgeon Brown
Author of REST is Healing for the Soul

Get To Know Our 
Speaker's Superpowers:

  • Jenni: Escaped a life of sex trafficking and found herself to be "the lucky one" who now helps others differentiate between "what" and "who" we are so we can lives of purpose and impact
  • ​Lindsay: Radiates light to help others break free from the voices of fear and the lies we believe to embrace the truth of love incarnate
  • Jen: Broke free from multiple health setbacks that intended to take her out of the race so she could inspire athletes to finish strong
  • Dustin: Reveals the secrets to having less stress and more success at home, to recharge as a parent, and see positive change
  • ​Lisa: Demystifies the complexities of financial freedom so a hurting humanity can open the door to peace, provision, and power
  • Baba: Challenges humanity to show up, get up, and take action to fulfill their God-given assignment and express their full potential 
  • ​Ninja Mike: Helps keep local business open for business by teaching owners how to competently and confidently communicate their message
  • Sencery: Teaches non-techies to create and manage their own websites without pulling their hair out 
  • ​Elaine: Empowers parents to equip little ones to break up with the lies they believe and walk in freedom of who they are created to be
  • ​Wanda: Radiates JOY as a two-time cancer survivor by empowering humanity to speak to their bodies and R.E.S.T. no matter what troubles we face in this world.

Meet Your Host:

Kimberly "KP" LoveJoy
Hi! I am the Founder of LoveJoyCO and I've OVERCOME multiple traumas and adversities in my own life to help myself and thousands of individuals, couples, and teams around the world learn how to fortify their walls of resilience (spiritually, mentally, socially, physically, financially, and vocationally) and step into the fullness of our identity.

With nearly thirty years of non-profit and federal government service, my heart is to equip, empower, and educate a hurting humanity to allow God to propel us into our OVERCOMER stories. 

A masters in Human Relations-Counseling also helps this Colorado girl have faith that EVERYONE can unbridle the FULLNESS of LOVE and JOY in our lives...TODAY...when we take captive the lies we believe about our identities, our brokenness, our purpose, and our stories. 

I inspire mankind to treat others as a blessing, not a burden.  Rooting firmly in LOVE.  Choosing JOY when surrounded by overwhelming despair. Speaking LIFE. Embracing TRUTH. Offering PEACE and REST when the world’s falling apart. Eternity planted in the human heart. GRATITUDE. Sharing HOPE. Shining LIGHT. Breaking up with shame. Blessing others out of our abundance. Contagious enthusiasm and passion. Authenticity and vulnerability. FORGIVENESS. Mental Toughness. Extending GRACE. Believing the best in each other. Being vs. doing. Adapting and overcoming. LOVING GOD, LOVING PEOPLE. Living in FREEDOM. Instead of lamenting “Why me?” believing we are the authors of our own destiny, and can CHOOSE to live in the fullness of GOD'S PROMISES rather than allowing a victim mentality to reign. We get to CHOOSE to BELIEVE we have a Heavenly Father—God who loves us, always keeps His promises, and we can trust.

 “Life is tough, but so are you.” Kid President
Kimberly "KP" LoveJoy

 Transformational Coach, Speaker of Life, Encourager in the Faith, Bondservant of God, Believer in LOVE, Carrier of JOY, Lover of People, Defender of Truth

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